Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Are you swimming?

We're about halfway through the summer and the open water season so now's the time to get out there and hit the open water.  Here are this week's workouts, and there are a lot of options!

Hope to see you at the lake!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday Weekend Swimming

There are several options for swimming this weekend to help you recover from the 4th of July:

For us at NTX Open H2O, we'll be swimming around the "Rock" in San Francisco Bay!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Swims This Week

Good options for open water swimming this weekend in DFW.  Lots of folks are heading to Lubbock for the Buffalo Springs Lake Half Ironman (including the author of this website who will be swimming and running in a relay).  For those of you hanging back in DFW, check out these swims:

  • DFW Tri Club has an OWS at Lake Grapevine
  • Triple Threat Tough has an OWS at Lake Lewisville (The Colony)
  • Tri Life Racing has an OWS at Lake Ray Hubbard
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Shakin' in N. Texas OWS This Weekend

Another great week with numerous swimming opportunities and an open water swim clinic for those looking for more coaching and guidance and best practices around open water swimming.  A perfect opportunity for anyone new to open water swimming!


  • DFW Tri Club has an OWS at Lake Grapevine
  • Triple Threat Tough has an OWS at Lake Lewisville (The Colony)
  • Tri-Now Endurance has an OWS at Lake Lewisville (Little Elm)
  • Tri Life Racing has an OWS at Lake Ray Hubbard
Swim Clinic:
Tri-Now Endurance is offering an OWS Clinic on Sunday in Little Elm.  From the Tri-Now website:
Open water swimming presents unique challenges that are not characteristic of a pool swim. To be confident during an open water swim, a triathlete must be able to trust their skills and have the necessary experience
The clinic will:
  • address the unique challenges of open water swimming.
  • provide experience in open water.
  • teach the skills necessary for efficient open water swimming, including: starts, sighting, turning buoys & drafting
  • provide a supportive environment where athletes can nurture trust in their abilities.
Cost: $50
Clinic Locations: Cottonwood Creek Marina 900 Lobo Lane Little Elm, TX.

Another great weekend for open water swimming with lots of great swimming opportunities.  Are you swimming this weekend?  What are your plans for OWS?  Have a great time!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's up in Open Water Swimming this weekend?

Lots and lots of options this weekend:


  • DFW Tri Club has an OWS at Lake Grapevine
  • Tri Now has an OWS at Lake Lewisville (Little Elm)
  • Triple Threat Tough has an OWS at Lake Lewisville (The Colony)
  • IronTex Triathlon has an OWS at Lake Grapevine
  • Tri Life Racing has an OWS at Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Fit2Train has an OWS at Lake Ray Hubbard
Remember to check the sponsors website for details, drop-in policy, cancellations, etc.  I can't guarantee all of these events; this information is based on their publicly available schedules.

Looks like a great weekend to swim!  Get out there.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

We're baaaaaack

OK, we're back!  All of the content on the site has been updated with new training opportunities and new races.  If there is anything missing that you'd like me to add please leave a comment and I'll add your information as soon as I can.  Thanks!  Enjoy the water.....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Are you racing!!??

Well, this site has languished in silence for too long but now we are back, and we intend to keep everything up-to-date from now on!

We'll start off by talking about upcoming races.  The weather has finally cooled off but that doesn't mean that Open Water Swimming season is over in Texas.  There are still several great races coming up this year:

  • September 28 - Stonebridge Ranch Swim Races - 750m and 1500m swims in McKinney, Texas
  • October 6 - Snapping Tortuga - 5k, 2500m and 500m swims in Conroe, Texas north of Houston
  • October 12 - Lake Travis Relay - 6 person, approximately 12 mile relay near Austin, Texas
  • October 19 - Sharkfest Austin - 1.3 mile swim in Lady Bird Johnson Lake (Town Lake) in beautiful downtown Austin.
  • October 23 - 27 - Highland Lakes Challenge - An open water swimming stage race: 5-day Monster Challenge, 5-day Mini Challenge, Weekend Warrior Monster Challenge, Weekend Warrior Mini Challenge and  individual stage races listed below:
    • Oct 23: Lake Buchanan 1 and 4 mile open water swims. 
    • Oct 24: Tex's Darn Challenge, 1 & 3.2 mile open water swims. 
    • Oct 25: Lake LBJ, 1 & 2 mile open water swims. 
    • Oct 26: Lake Marble Falls 1 & 3 mile open water swims. 
    • Oct 27: Lake Travis 1 & 3.6 Mile open water swims.
  • November 2 - Dam 5k - 5k swim in Lake Travis near Austin
  • November 10 - Bale of Tortugas - 10k solo or 4-person relay swim in Lake Conroe north of Houston
So from now until mid-November there is an open water swimming race every weekend somewhere in Texas.  Get out there, sign up and get in the water before the cold weather gets here.  This is the perfect time of year to race.  Happy swimming!